Hall of Fame

Path of the Warrior standings:
1st - greejtsjot (rAKJI, ViKO, Azur)
2nd - Techno-only.com (geffi, blackwolf, haxlex)

The Biggest Fight standings:
1st - ODC WINNERS (PlAyer, razz, kARMA, Kevji, Stary, chry)
2nd - greejtsjot (Azur, dAv1d, rznje, Snatix, Specula, Viko)

Battle of the Gods standings:
1st - tMoe (Abject, Elviss, fanatic, Michalek, hunter, Kirej)
2nd - ODC WINNERS (Stary, chry, Statti, PlAyer, Clown, filuS)

Clash of the Titans standings:
1st - eXecutors (upload, m1tja, supna)
2nd - meet your masters (jAr, kazim, Skyline)
#1 written by Anonymous (Beverly), 6 years, 10 months ago

And to think I was going to talk to somenoe in person about this.

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